TEAMONE Productions is a subsidiary of BACKZTAGE GROUP established in Korea, Hong Kong & Singapore since 2009.

The wedding journey of BACKZTAGE GROUP began in 2012 when ZTAGEBrides was first set up to bring clients from all over Asia to Korea for their wedding photoshoots. At the peak of the KPOP wave, ZTAGEBrides became the leading wedding consultancy in Asia working with hundreds of Korean makeup salons, bridal gown shops, photography studios as well as photographers from Korea Seoul & Jeju.

In 2015, ZTAGEBrides collaborated with the leading celebrity photographer Master J. from Korea and co-founded TEAMONE Productions to build upon Master J.'s expertise in the concept of cinematography. The main aim of TEAMONE Productions was to form an in-house photography team that would serve not just ZTAGEBrides' clients in Korea, but high end clients from all over the world. As Master J. helped many  Korean celebrities like Rain & Jang Geng Suk as well as Hong Kong celebrities like Chilam & Anita before, TEAMONE Productions became an instant hit with its unique mix of studio photography style from Korea with the concept of cinematography from United States where Master J. graduated. 

Due to the overwhelming response and support from wedding couples, TEAMONE Productions soon became the main photography engine of BACKZTAGE Group and took over the operations of ZTAGEBrides in Korea to take on a broader challenge of bringing clients for photoshoots in all corners of the world. As of 2020, TEAMONE Productions is honoured to have shot for high clients in destinations such as United States, United Kingdom, Iceland, Switzerland, Prague, France, Italy, Turkey, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea and many more.